Where do you publish your street photography online?

Girl on the phone (NYC)

New York, 2013

Many of us like to publish their street photography online in one way on another, and there is really loads of places to do it. I do shoot on the streets because I love it and if someone else likes my photos too, that’s just a bonus.

Getting a lot of likes on a photo is encouraging, that’s for sure, but is that really the reason we go out and take photographs? For some it is, for some it isn’t.

I have been quite bad at uploading photos before, and my Flickr account has almost been put to rest. I do upload some photos now and then, but it really isn’t that often anymore. Eric Kim wrote a good piece on this almost a year ago, asking how many likes are “enough”? and I must say that it is a pretty good read.

But shooting on the streets is something I really love doing and I find the communities online being a great way of letting people see what I see. If they like it, that’s great. But in the end, the reason I’m out there taking photographs is for myself.

So where do I publish my street photography?


Smile and be happy

New York, 2013

I have been using Google+ on and off for quite some time for the sole reason that photos on Google+ just looks awesome! As of lately I’ve been putting more and more onto that platform and I think that the turning point for me was when Google launched their G+ communities. What a good way of finding, sharing and talking to others with the same interest as yourself.

One of the communities that I can recommend for street photographers is this one and if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to, this is my Google Plus profile.


Girls in conversation (Palma de Mallorca, 2013)

Palma de Mallorca, 2013

Recently I regained my interest in Tumblr as well, a platform I haven’t been using more that a few times a year before. I found that there is an amazing group of photographers on Tumblr, and there are some really great street photographers on there as well. I’ll make sure to write a post on my favourites to follow.

If you’re using Tumblr yourself and want to see that I’m up to, this is the place to go.

That’s it!

I’ve gone from having my photos spread all over to just these two. Even if I haven’t been uploading so many photos as I’m doing know I’ve still been using Facebook, Flickr, 500px amongst others.

And I do use this blog as well, of course. This is mainly so that I can share my thoughts on street photography and practice my writing skills in English a bit, since it’s not my native language. I like to write as well as taking photos you see :)

So, as the initial question said, where do you publish your street photography online?

Please drop a comment below with a link or two. I’m eager to have a look!